This web page provides access to lists of businesses that hold a Passenger Transportation Licence to operate commercial passenger vehicles in British Columbia.

Lists are provided for informational purposes. They are updated periodically and may be incomplete or out of date at any particular time. The status of a Passenger Transportation Licence is subject to change without notice.

Licensees with Board ‘Special Authorization’

The Passenger Transportation Board makes decisions on applications for Special Authorization (SA).  An ‘SA licence’ is required in BC to operate taxis, limousines, other passenger directed vehicles (PDVs) and inter-city buses (ICBs). Companies with a licence to operate PDVs must charge rates that have been approved or set by the Board.

Recent Lists for SA Licensees: (as of June 6, 2018)

Rates Info:

Branch Registries

The Passenger Transportation Branch (PT Branch) issues all Passenger Transportation Licences. This includes SA licences that the PT Board has approved, as well as General Authorization (GA) licences that the PT Branch administers. (A hybrid licence has both special and general authorizations.)