Appeal an administrative penalty

Appeal an administrative penalty

Passenger transportation licensees may appeal an administrative penalty imposed by the Registrar of Transportation (Registrar). The Passenger Transportation Board (Board) is responsible for deciding these appeals.

The appellant is the licensee who has received an administrative penalty. The respondent is the Registrar who has imposed an administrative penalty on the licensee.

Note: If the Board requests information from the Registrar for the purposes of an appeal, the Registrar may, in writing, designate an office or employee of the Registrar’s Office to attend before the Board if, in the opinion of the Registrar, that designated person is knowledgeable in the respect of the appeal being considered by the Board.

The Registrar uses the administrative penalty framework to guide them when imposing penalties.

After considering the information provided by the licensee and the Registrar, the Board must:

  • Rescind any or all of the penalties, or
  • Confirm any or all of the penalties

Timeline for filing a notice of appeal

A notice of appeal must be filed no more than 30 calendar days after a licensee receives notice from the Registrar that an administrative penalty has been imposed on the licensee.

Exceptions to timelines for filing a notice of appeal

The Board may extend the time to file a notice of appeal if the Board is satisfied that:

  • Special circumstances existed that precluded the filing of a notice of appeal within the 30-day period, and
  • An injustice would otherwise result

Orders to suspend administrative penalties

Other than an administrative fine, the Board may order that the Registrar’s order is suspended until the outcome of the appeal.

Steps in the appeal process