Apply to transfer a licence

Apply to transfer a licence

Taxi, ride-hail, inter-city bus, limo, shuttle and other passenger directed vehicle operators (transferors) can apply to transfer their passenger transportation licence to another business entity.  All terms and conditions attached to the licence are transferred -- a single term and condition of licence cannot be transferred.

The transferor is responsible for renewing their licence while waiting for approval. If the licence expires during this time, the application will be returned to the applicants.

Both the transferor and the transferee must apply to the Passenger Transportation Board (Board) for approval to transfer the licence. If the transfer is approved, a new licence is issued under the transferee’s name. The newly issued licence will have the same terms and conditions as the previous licence. 

Share transfers

The Board does not need to approve share transfers. If the Board becomes aware of a major transfer of shares, new majority shareholders or directors may need to complete a Disclosure of Unlawful Activity and Bankruptcy form(655 KB) or supply further information to the Board. The Board may also conduct a licensee fitness review at any time.

Administrative transfers

The Board considers some transfers administrative and has streamlined requirements for these applications. Examples of administrative transfers are:

  • A sole proprietor converts the business to a limited corporation and the proprietor becomes the sole shareholder of the new corporation.
  • A partner leaves the partnership and the company changes from a partnership to a:
    • Sole proprietorship
    • New partnership
    • New corporation

The remaining partners are the majority of principals in the new entity.

  • One corporation is being dissolved voluntarily and a new corporation is established with the same principals or a majority of the same principals


Transfer a licence

Before you apply
Attachments for administrative transfers only 
Transferee attachments for regular transfers
Final step
  • Submit your completed application package to the Registrar’s Office at