Vehicle booking apps

Vehicle booking apps

Passengers can book ride-hail, taxis and limousine, and other passenger-directed vehicles using their smartphone. Smartphone applications (apps) connect customers to transportation services while also making booking and dispatch an easy and efficient process for operators.

Ride-hail (TNS) booking and payment apps

Passengers book and pay for ride-hail services through ride hailing apps. Booking and payment may only be accepted through app. Cash transactions are not allowed.

Ride-hailing centers around the technology or software used to hail a ride. With ride-hail services, people agree to the fare up-front before accepting a ride. Unlike taxis, ride-hail vehicles cannot be flagged down on the street.

Ride-hail pricing may vary depending on real-time demand. When the demand is higher than the supply of drivers, prices may temporarily increase. This is known as surge or dynamic pricing. Prices must be displayed on the app and agreed to by the passenger before accepting the ride.

The Board sets the minimum rate for ride-hail trips and fares. Payment must be calculated and paid for using an online app that complies with TNS Supplementary Terms and Conditions, policies, standards and orders of the Board.

Some operators and drivers may be providing passenger transportation services through apps and charging rates that are not approved by the Board. Contact the Registrar of Passenger Transportation if you have questions or concerns about illegal ride-hail operators.

All tips must be voluntary–an app cannot calculate a mandatory gratuity.

Taxi, limos and shuttles and other passenger-directed vehicle booking apps

Passengers may only book a ride for taxi, limousine or shuttle using an app–they cannot pay through the app.

The Passenger Transportation Board approves rates and rules for taxi, limousine and shuttle operators. Licensed operators may only charge these rates, with or without an app.

Apps cannot replace calibrated taxi rate meters. If an app for a limousine calculates rates, it must be programmed to calculate the rates the Board has approved. These apps must comply with the Taxi and Other Passenger Directed Vehicle Supplementary Terms and Conditions(163 KB)

All tips must be voluntary. An app cannot calculate a mandatory gratuity.