About the Passenger Transportation Board

About the Passenger Transportation Board

The Passenger Transportation Board (Board) is an independent administrative tribunal in B.C. established under the Passenger Transportation Act. The Board's primary responsibility is to make decisions on special authorization applications relating to: 

  • Passenger directed vehicle authorizations (i.e., taxis, limousines, shuttle vans)
  • Inter-city bus authorizations
  • Transportation network service (TNS) authorizations (i.e., ride-hailing)

The Board is an economic regulator, expected to balance the sectors of the passenger transportation industry in the public interest. The Board can make decisions that affect many industry participants at once.


Sustainable, accessible, and safe passenger transportation services for all across British Columbia.


The Board licences and regulates passenger directed transportation and inter-city buses through objective, evidence-based decision-making to meet public need and promote sound economic conditions.

Service to the Public

Accessibility: People throughout B.C. have accessible and inclusive passenger transportation options.      
Affordability: People throughout B.C. have affordable passenger transportation options.      
Demand: There are people who would support and use the passenger transportation service.      
Safety: People throughout B.C. have safe and secure passenger transportation services.      
Service Quality: People throughout B.C. have access to high quality passenger transportation services with adequate supply.

Regulating the Industry

Competition: B.C.’s passenger transportation industry encourages healthy competition among a variety of service providers.      
Innovation: B.C.’s passenger transportation industry is innovative and embraces emerging technology.      
Sustainability: B.C.’s passenger transportation industry strives to be environmentally and economically sustainable over the long term.      
Variety: B.C.’s passenger transportation industry supports a variety of passenger transportation options and services.

Independent Tribunal

Administrative Fairness: The Board upholds principles of administrative fairness and impartial decision-making as an independent tribunal and in accordance with its legislated mandate.      
Equitable Regulatory Framework: The Board balances economic opportunities equitably across different sectors and business models.      
Evidence-based: The Board makes objective, data-driven, and evidence-based decisions.      
Integrity: The Board acts ethically and accountably.      
Transparency: The Board communicates clearly what we do and how we do it.      

You can read more about the Board’s work in its Annual Report and Strategic Plan.

What the Board does

The Board is responsible for making objective, evidence-based decisions on applications for special authorization passenger transportation licences. 

If an application is approved, the Board is responsible for setting rates and the terms and conditions of licence which can include:

  • Fleet sizes (how many passenger directed vehicles can be on the road)
  • Operating areas
  • Service limitations

The Board may also hear appeals regarding administrative penalties (including fines and licence suspensions) that are imposed on an operator by the Registrar of Passenger Transportation.

How the Board and the Registrar work together

The Passenger Transportation Board is different than the Registrar of Passenger Transportation located in the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. They each have different responsibilities under the Passenger Transportation Act.  

The Registrar is responsible for:

  • Processing applications and issuing licences for Special Authorization and General Authorization passenger transportation licences
  • Enforcing imposed terms and conditions of licence and deals with commercial passenger transportation licensing and compliance
  • Making sure commercial passenger transportation operators meet and follow requirements for the industry

Board members and staff

Passenger Transportation Board members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (Cabinet). Appointment processes and terms are governed by the Administrative Tribunals Act.

Board memberOriginal appointmentExpiry of current appointment
Baljinder Narang, ChairOctober 1, 2023*October 1, 2026
Carmela AllevatoNovember 5, 2018November 5, 2024
Garland ChowApril 27, 2020November 5, 2024
James SavageAugust 7, 2020November 5, 2024
Mary ChildsNovember 19, 2021November 19, 2025
Kyong-ae KimNovember 19, 2021November 19, 2025

* Baljinder Narang was first appointed as a Member of the Board on March 11, 2019.

The Board is supported by a staff of 16 full-time employees. Staff handle the administrative functions and respond to applicant inquiries. Once the Board receives an application, all communications with the Board by applicants goes through the staff. Board members do not discuss application matters with applicants unless there is an oral hearing or pre-hearing conference.

Heather StewartExecutive Director
Robert LawsonDirector, Policy and Projects
Jessica SharpeDirector, Operations