Fitness reviews

Fitness reviews

Operators who have a licence to transport passengers by inter-city bus, limousine, shuttle bus, ride-hail or taxi must be fit, proper and capable. The Passenger Transportation Board (Board) may review licensee fitness at any time to make sure they meet these standards.

When does the Board review fitness?

The Board may review operator fitness if it gets information that a licensee:

  • Is involved in illegal activities
  • Provided false information to the Board
  • Has a serious criminal charge or conviction that could relate to the operation or management of a transportation service
  • Has continually disregarded its terms and conditions of licence or other obligations under the Passenger Transportation Act and Passenger Transportation Regulation
  • Has transferred its licence without Board approval
  • Is not in care and control of its business
  • Is providing exceptionally poor service to the public

The Board may investigate a licensee if it receives information from a credible source such as the Registrar of Passenger Transportation, a municipality, the police or another licensee. The Board does not usually act on anonymous communications.

What makes an operator fit, proper and capable?

The term ‘fit, proper and capable’ reflects the idea that an operator has a responsibility to conduct themselves to certain standards.

Fit and proper people conduct themselves and their business lawfully. They uphold the integrity of the industry and promote public confidence in the industry.

During a fitness review, the Board may review a licensee’s:

  • Operation and management of its service
  • Approach to legal obligations and responsibilities
  • Financial stability
  • Failure to provide truthful information to the Board or Registrar
  • Criminal charges or convictions, especially those related to motor vehicle offences, fraud, threats or violence

The Board may:

  • Conduct a written investigation and invite comments
  • Direct the Registrar to conduct an investigation
  • Hold an oral hearing

As a result of a fitness review the Board may:

  • Find that the licensee is fit, proper and capable of providing the service
  • Suspend one or more vehicles from operating
  • Suspend all vehicles from operating
  • Cancel a licence