Application process

Application process

Taxi, ride-hail, limousine, shuttle and inter-city bus operators must apply to the Passenger Transportation Board (Board) to:

  • Get a licence (with special authorization) to operate a passenger transportation service
  • Change a special authorization licence (e.g. add or change a service or vehicle, transfer a licence, get a temporary operating permit (TOP) or change rates)

To apply for, or make changes to, a passenger transportation licence (with general authorization) for charter, tour or sightseeing buses, go to the Registrar of Passenger Transportation.

The Passenger Transportation Regulation specifies vehicles or services that transport people that do not need a licence.

The Board and the Registrar of Passenger Transportation (Registrar) are separate entities with distinct responsibilities under the Passenger Transportation Act.

The Registrar accepts your application, makes sure it is complete and that you have met safety requirements. Then they send it to the Board for a decision. If the Board decides to licence your operation, the Registrar will issue your licence.

If your application is incomplete, the Registrar or Board will contact you and request that you provide missing information within a specified time frame. 

If the due date is missed, the Board may dismiss your application or make a decision with the evidence it has. If your application is dismissed, you will lose the $200 application fee and need to resubmit a complete application package.

You cannot operate a passenger transportation service until your application is approved and you have completed the licensing requirements.

How the Board makes a decision

Urgent public need

Sometimes there is an urgent need for passenger transportation services. In this situation, the Board will process applications based on "urgent public need." This is an exception to regular processing.


When a taxi, ride-hail, limo and shuttle or inter-city bus operators applies for a passenger transportation licence, they show the Board that they are:

Public need and sound economic conditions 

If an applicant meets the fitness test, the Board will consider public need and sound economic conditions when deciding their application.

Business plans

Applicants must submit a business plan when applying for a new passenger transportation licence or when applying to transfer a licence.

Financial information

The Board uses financial information to determine if an operator is capable of providing the passenger transportation service they are proposing.

Licence changed or transferred

Operators must apply to the Board to make any changes or amendments to their licences:

Operators (transferors) can also apply to transfer their passenger transportation licence to another operator. Both the transferor and the transferee must hold a passenger transportation licence with special authorization.

Request a decision reconsideration

There is no right to appeal Board decisions. The Board may reconsider, vary or rescind a decision in only two circumstances:

  • Information has become available that was not available at the time the decision was made
  • There has been an error in procedure

Issuing your licence

Decisions are emailed to applicants and the Registrar’s office, then published on the Board’s website. If your application is approved in whole or in part by the Board, and the Registrar is satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements, the Registrar will issue a passenger transportation licence with special authorization for:

  • Passenger directed vehicle (limousine, shuttle bus or taxi)
  • Transportation network service (TNS) (ride-hail)
  • Inter-city bus

Vehicle licence fees

When your application is approved you must licence the vehicles in your fleet. The Registrar will advise you of the payment process.

The Registrar must issue the licence before your service can start. Your licence is valid for one year from the date of issue unless otherwise specified by the Board. Renewals are under the authority of the Registrar and licensees must apply to renew their licence every year.

Data requirements: Passenger directed vehicle and ride-hail (TNS) licensees must adhere to the terms and conditions in their licence regarding data requirements and submit trip data to the Registrar of Passenger Transportation.

Submit any changes to your company information to the Registrar of Passenger Transportation.

This might include changes to:

  • Your operation’s legal name, sole proprietor, partners or company CEO or local general manager
  • Your business mailing address/physical location of records
  • Signing authorities


The Board keeps the following types of information confidential:

  • Private financial information (e.g. personal net worth statements)
  • Private business details (e.g. contracts, customer account information, detailed expansion processes
  • Information from criminal record checks that is not public and other personal information (e.g. information that you disclose about any unlawful activity or bankruptcy)

Other information submitted with an application may be made public. Board decisions are public. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act may apply to information in your application package.