Amend or change a taxi licence

Amend or change a taxi licence

Taxi operators must apply to the Passenger Transportation Board (Board) to amend or change their terms and conditions of licence. They cannot apply to amend terms and conditions labelled “legislative requirements”. 

Make sure you understand the application process for taxi operators. Learn how the Board makes a decision using the information and evidence you submit in your application package.

Increasing fleet size

To increase your maximum fleet size, you must apply to amend your licence. You cannot exceed the maximum fleet size or the maximum number of vehicles that are set out in your licence without Board approval.

When applying to increase fleet size, you must provide historical operational data(271 KB). Such data should show operational trends, such as vehicle use or bookings. You should summarize and explain the data you submit with your application.

Applying to operate in an area with different rates

If you are applying to operate in a new area with different rates, you must submit your proposed rate changes with your application. Use these forms for changes to: 

If you are applying to provide crew transport service and meet the requirements of Rule 49 of the Boards Rules of Practice and Procedure, then you are not required to submit these contract rates for Board approval. All other rates require Board approval.

If you want to change your current rates you’ll need to apply to change your rates.

Minor amendments

Some amendments may be considered ‘minor’. Minor amendment applications can be less detailed. The Board will let you know if they need more information.

Examples of minor amendments are:

  • Changes in vehicle types or models (other than accessible taxis)
  • Adding a contract clause
  • Taxis applying to use single shift paired vehicles (SSPV) 

Minor amendments generally do not alter your service or impact other industry participants. 

Applicants are advised to delay the purchase, lease, or rental of vehicles until approval is obtained.


Amend a taxi licence

Final step
  • Submit your completed application package to the Registrar’s Office at