Reduce or stop inter-city bus service

Reduce or stop inter-city bus service

Inter-city bus operators must apply to the Passenger Transportation Board (Board) to reduce minimum route frequencies or to eliminate routes or route points set out in their licence.

To eliminate or reduce services, inter-city bus operators must:

  • Submit a public rationale document. The Board will publish the rationale document the application summary posted on the Board’s website
  • Meet Board requirements to provide public notice to affected communities and people accessing the service

Operators may reduce services before they are approved by the Board. If the Board approves a service change, operators must first meet requirements that are set out in the Board decision to notify the public of the changes.

Make sure you understand the application process. It explains how the Board uses the evidence you provide in your application to make a decision.


Reduce inter-city bus service

Final step
  • Submit your completed application package to the Registrar’s Office at