Taxi rates request for feedback - update

Taxi rates request for feedback - update

September 20, 2023

Edit: Updated on September 20, 2023 with additional information and an extended deadline. Originally published on August 16, 2023.

In response to the changing passenger transportation landscape in BC, the Passenger Transportation Board is considering changes to the taxi rates structure across the province. The intention is that any new taxi rate structure would replace the common rates rules in applicable areas. 

Two new rates structures are being considered as possibilities: Rates Bands, and Board Standardized Rates. Before making any decisions, the Board would like to receive feedback from taxi licensees with their thoughts on the potential rates structure options. 

Rates structures under consideration

The Passenger Transportation Act allows the Board to set rates “for the purpose of establishing just and uniform charges” and to make rules respecting rates (sections 7(1)(f-g)). 

The Board is considering the following approach to determining a new taxi rates structure:

  1. Eliminate Common Rate Rules for taxis;

  2. Replace Common Rate Rules either with minimum and maximum rates (bands) for taxis or with rates standardized by the Board.

Currently the Board is seeking feedback on these high-level options. The Board request for feedback regarding potential changes to the taxi rates structure has details on the changes the Board is considering, the rationale for each proposed change, and guidance for providing feedback about the proposed changes.

Additional information session September 28

 The Board conducted four taxi rate structure information sessions for taxi licensees from August 17-24. An extra session has been added for September 28. All taxi licensees should have received an email invitation to attend this additional session. If you have not received an invitation, please contact Jim Grove, Communications Officer, Passenger Transportation Board at

Submit your feedback

Taxi licensees may wish to participate in this process. Feedback must be in writing and provided to the Board by October 13, 2023. Please send your feedback with the subject line “Proposed rates rules changes” to: There is no fee associated with providing feedback on this topic.

More information

Notice to Licensees Re: Potential Changes to Taxi Rates Regulation.

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