Taxi camera program review

Taxi camera program review

July 3, 2024

The Passenger Transportation Board (Board) has heard numerous issues raised by the taxi sector regarding the taxi camera program. The program was also highlighted for review in the recommendations made in the recent report of the Special Committee to Review Passenger Directed Vehicles. 

The Board recognizes that advancements in technology and the evolving marketplace for taxi cameras is making it challenging for the taxi sector to acquire and maintain taxi cameras that comply with the program’s guidelines and requirements. 

In response, the Board is undertaking a comprehensive review of the taxi camera program. This will be informed by feedback from the industry, recommendation of the Special Committee, and engagement with key stakeholders including taxi camera providers, designated installers, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, and law enforcement. The taxi camera program review is ongoing.

In the meantime, there are still three approved camera models:

  • Verifeye G6 model “DN” or “DS” Dual Cam

  • Janus Cam Model V2HD

  • Radio Engineering Industries, Inc. (REI) Model SD-300

If licensees have already installed these cameras, all three models continue to meet program requirements. 

However, only the REI Model SD-300 is currently available for purchase and installation. The Board has confirmed with the manufacturer that the available stock of this camera is sufficient to continue to provide equipment during the Board’s program review. 

For questions regarding the purchase, installation, or maintenance of taxi cameras, please contact a designated installer

For any questions regarding the taxi camera program, please contact the Board at

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