Limousine Rates Archive

This webpage contains historical information about the limousine rates pilot project from 2011 2014.

The pilot project introduce a minimum-maximum 'rate band' that was in effect from July 1, 2011 until April 30, 2014. The rates applied to limousines that can carry up to 11 passengers (plus driver) that are licensed to operate in Vancouver, Victoria and surrounding areas (also known as the Lower Mainland and CRD). This new approach gave limousine licensees the flexibility to adjust their rates without needing to make a Change of Rates application to the Board.

Pilot Project Evaluation: 2013/14

The Board evaluated the pilot project with an online survey (June/July 2013), a public discussion paper (December 2013), and meetings with limousine licence holders (February 2014). Related documents are posted here.

Pre-Pilot Project Consultations: February & March 2011

The Board consulted with the limousine industry before the start of the pilot project. Related documents are posted here.

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