Taxi Bill of Rights

A Taxi Bill of Rights lets passenger and drivers know what to expect on a taxi trip.  It sets out what passengers can expect from drivers, and what drivers can expect from passengers.

Since 2008, all taxis in Metro Vancouver have displayed a Taxi Bill of Rights in their vehicles. Starting in 2013, other taxi companies in British Columbia have been able to adopt a Voluntary Taxi Bill of Rights when they register it with the Passenger Transportation Board.

Voluntary Taxi Bill of Rights (VTBOR)

When a company starts a Taxi Bill of Rights program in their community, it adopts a common set of rights for passengers and drivers.  It posts a standard Taxi Bill of Rights in each taxicab.  And the company commits to following a process it establishes for addressing complaints (and compliments) from passengers.  The Board posts contact information for active VTBOR programs in the province. 

More VTBOR Information

For Passengers

For Communities

For Taxi Companies (to start a VTBOR program)

Metro Vancouver Taxi Bill of Rights

In Metro Vancouver, all taxicab operators must post a Taxi Bill of Rights decal in their vehicle.  If you are in Metro Vancouver, visit the Metro Vancouver Taxi Bill of Rights website  to get information about the mandatory Taxi Bill of Rights program.  This website is administered by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.  Taxi company participation is required by the Board’s Taxi Bill of Rights Display Rule

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