Introduction to the Passenger Transportation Board

PTB SignThe Passenger Transportation Board (“Board”) is an independent tribunal in British Columbia established under the Passenger Transportation Act.

The Board consists of 5 part-time members, including the chair, and 4 full time staff.  The Board’s primary responsibility is to make decisions on applications relating to the licensing of passenger directed vehicles (e.g. taxis, limousines, shuttle vans) and inter-city buses in British Columbia.   The Board receives between 150 and 225 applications in a year.  

When an application file is ready for Board review, the Chair assigns the file to a panel of the Board.  The panel of one or more members reviews the file and makes a decision on the application.  Most decisions are made based on the written material in the file.  Less than 5% of applications are set down for a public hearing.

The Board also hears appeals regarding administrative penalties (including fines and licence suspensions) that are imposed on an operator by the Registrar of Passenger Transportation.  The Board receives few appeals throughout a year.

The Board meets every 6-8 weeks.  Meetings focus on policy development and procedural matters.  File decisions are not made at Board meetings.

The Board was formed on June 28, 2004.  The Board office is located in Victoria.

Link for the Registrar of Passenger Transportation

The Board and the Registrar, Passenger Transportation Branch, both have distinct responsibilities for the implementation of the Passenger Transportation Act. Contact the Registrar or staff at the Passenger Transportation Branch for information and services related to:

  • Submitting an application for a passenger transportation licence (Special Authorization and/or General Authorization)
  • Compliance and enforcement in the commercial passenger transportation industry