Application Basics


You need a Passenger Transportation Licence to operate a commercial passenger vehicle in British Columbia.  There are two types of licences.  To operate a General Passenger Vehicle, you need a licence with General Authorization (GA).  To operate a Passenger Directed Vehicle or Inter-City Bus, you need a licence with Special Authorization (SA).  To get more details, see the documents below:

Information about the SA Application Process

Applicants who want a licence with special authorization (SA) will be in contact with two offices during the process:

These offices have separate roles.  As an SA applicant, here is what you can expect:

  • You send your SA application to the Branch.  If you miss something that is required, the Branch will tell you. 
  • After the Branch confirms that your application meets the basic requirements, the Branch forwards it to the Board. 
  • The Board sends you a summary of your application.  After you confirm that the summary reflects what you are applying for, the Board publishes the summary in its Weekly Bulletin. 
  • The Board accepts submissions and sends you a copy.  In response, you can send comments to the Board.
  • After the submission period ends, the Board proceeds to make a decision on your application.  In some cases, it may seek more information, direct the Registrar of Passenger Transportation (Director of the Branch) to investigate, or hold an application hearing.  Less than 5% of applications proceed to a public hearing.
  • When the Board decides whether to approve your application, it sends you written reasons.  About a week later, the decision you received is published on the Board website.   
  • If the Board approves a new licence or a change to your licence, the Branch will issue the documents, plates and decals that you need.