A passenger transportation licence is needed to operate limousines in British Columbia. This web page has forms and information for starting a luxury, app-based transportation service.

Luxury, App-Based Transportation Service Applications

APPLY Starting a New Luxury, App-Based Transportation Service
Application Guide

Step A

Guide 5.1:  

I want to start a new luxury, app-based transportation service

Branch Forms

Step B

Special Authorization Application Package

Board Forms

Step C

  1. Required:
    PDV Forms Package
  2. Optional:
    Board Optional Forms Package

Step D

Send your application to the Branch in Coquitlam.

Temporary Operating Permit for Extra Vehicles

Sample Temporary Operating Permit

Sometimes a licensee needs extra taxis, limousines or other passenger directed vehicles (“PDVs”) for a short time.  Temporary Operating Permits (TOPs) allow for this.

The Board makes decisions on TOP applications it gets from licensees with a PDV special authorization. The test is “urgent and temporary need”.  More information about TOPs is provided below. 

PT Board Permits

PT Branch Permits

The Registrar of Passenger Transportation also has authority to issue some TOPs. This includes TOPs for substitute vehicles.  See the PT Branch website for details.

Luxury, App-Based Transportation Service Application Materials

Luxury, App-Based Transportation Service Information

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