Board Mission, Values & Goals

The Passenger Transportation Board, an independent tribunal established pursuant to the Passenger Transportation Act, (a) makes decisions on applications for taxis, limousines, small vans and inter-city buses and (b) hears appeals regarding administrative penalties imposed by the Registrar of Passenger Transportation.


This mission of the Passenger Transportation Board is to make decisions pertaining to the commercial passenger transportation industry in a way that

  • enables people throughout the province to access diverse, stable and competitive commercial passenger transportation, and
  • promotes consistency and fairness in application decisions and enforcement measures.

The Board will make its decisions in a timely, fair, consistent and open fashion, and will provide responsive and accurate information to applicants, submitters, agents, members of the public, government representatives and persons who appear before the Board. 


Integrity – ethical, professional and honest conduct by members and staff of the Board.

Fairness – impartial decision making in accordance with the principles of administrative justice and the Board’s legislative mandate; just treatment of applicants and submitters and others who participate in Board processes. 

Respect – treat all persons who contact the Board, as well as colleagues, with courtesy, fairness and dignity.

Accountability – enhance or streamline Board processes and policies to foster the public’s confidence in, and understanding of, Board decisions.

Responsiveness – to ensure that Board processes and policies enhance the public’s confidence and understanding of Board decisions. 


  1. Make decisions, within the mandate of the Act, that contribute to a commercial transportation system that serves the public, is run by capable operators and maintains the overall economic health of the industry.
  2. Keep rules and processes relevant, simple and clear.
  3. Enhance communication about, and satisfaction with, Board processes.
  4. Make timely decisions on matters affecting applicants, submitters, appellants and other stakeholders.